Our individually services

At Airlogé we aim to create an un unforgettable holiday experience time after time for our members. We aim to do so by offering them a wide range of services that will take away the worries you might encounter when co-owning a property abroad and take your holiday to the next level:

Airport pick up and drop off

No more need to wait in line for taxis or to find the rental car company offices. To start and end your holidays as smoothly as possible, you can book this service to have a (prepaid) driver pick you up at the airport upon arrival and to drop you off as you fly back home! 

Grocery shopping

What is nicer than arriving to your second home with a fridge full of your favorite  food, snacks and drinks? All you need to do is send us your grocery list and we will make sure you have everything at home upon arrival, whether this is at midnight and you crave some late night snacks or in the early morning and you crave a nice mediterranean breakfast!

Spa and wellness

Nothing is more relaxing than getting a spa and wellness treatment during your holidays, this will truly help you disconnect and enjoy the moment. We have a wide network of spa and wellness partners that are looking forward to giving you that ultimate holiday experience!

Sports activities

For the sport fanatics or those who would like to give it a try, we also offer a wide range of different sports activities that you can pre-book through our service portal. Whether you enjoy playing tennis, golf, volleyball or practicing yoga, you just let us know your preference and we will find you the best instructor in town!

Storage room for personal belongings

One of the many advantages of co-owning a second home abroad is the fact that it is yours and you do not need to bring all of your belongings every time you stay there, that’s why we offer you the opportunity to store the personal belongings you wish to store, as close to the property as possible.

Daily cleaning

If you feel like including “the hotel feeling” of having your apartment or villa cleaned every day when being a away on holiday, we are here to assist you! Log into your MY AIRLOGÉ account and choose the frequency of your cleaning, we can provide you with daily cleaning or every second day for example, see more options available online.

Personal cook

When going on holiday, you sometimes wish to take a break from all your everyday tasks including cooking for your family, friends and/or guests! Enjoy the freedom by hiring a private cook for your dinner parties and other special events when being away on holiday!

City guidance

Sometimes it can be difficult and take a long time to find the hotspots and hidden gems of your holiday destination! With our city guidance service you do not need to waste more time, by adding city guidance for your holiday we will guide and provide you with the best restaurants, cultural activities and nightclubs and bars to visit during your holiday!

Car/bike/scooter rental

One, two, three let’s go! It can be stressful and exhausting to find a trustworthy place when renting a car, scooter or bike. With us you will get easy access, favorable prices and everything will be prepared for you when arriving at your destinations either in the airport or at a location in the city!